Winter-Weg 5

Charles MAURIN
[Acrobate au Cabaret, Ambiance]

Alfredo MULLER
La Viosne à Pontoise

Richard RANFT
Elegantes au Balcon

Paul Cesar HELLEU
Femme Accoudée à un Guéridon



The number of days before the
NEW YORK PRINT FAIR are ticking away.

I am fully focused on preparations for this event.  A sizeable selection of new works will be on display.  This includes a comprehensive overview of the graphic output of Henri GUERARD & Edgar CHAHINE.  They can be regarded as the bookends of impressionist intaglio in France.  Their work will be surrounded by arresting examples of printmaking by the likes of Adolphe APPIAN, Pierre BONNARD, Félix BUHOT, Eugène DELACROIX, André DERAIN, Charles-Marie DULAC, Georges de FEURE, Paul-César HELLEU, Henri-Gabriel IBELS, Jules JACQUEMART, Louis LEGRAND, Auguste LEPERE, Georges MANZANA-PISSARRO, Pablo PICASSO, Camille PISSARRO, Odilon REDON, Henri RIVIERE, James McNeil WHISTLER.

A good many of these works is already visible on our site.  In coming days more will be added.  So, visit us often!  Or contact me for further details.

Bernard Derroitte

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We are open by appointment, or by luck.