Staying Connected with the Gallery

At the core, Armstrong Fine Art has never wavered from its mission to find great works of art, and to present them to a discerning audience of art collectors.  However, the logistics of doing so has changed.  Today most of you no longer stop into the gallery, or even have the opportunity to visit us at shows around the country.

Digital tools and the internet have, on the other hand, enabled art dealers to present objects ever more accurately and vividly.  Those who have bought from me in the past few years know that I take pride in my research and present images that are as true to the object as is possible.  It is now my intention to share much more of this information with each of you.

The gallery’s blog will increasingly feature images, and research that relate to works of art, as they become available, whether or not they sell right away.  It is my hope that the increased visibility of the gallery’s activities will spur each of you, who read these words, to be engaged with Armstrong Fine Art, more deeply, and on a more personal level.

Take a look on the gallery’s Facebook page to see new acquisitions, gain insight into particular works, etc.  I am always looking for conversations related to art.  Talk to me, or read the gallery’s blog, Twitter feed, or Tumblr page.

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