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Artist Henri LEROLLE
Title Paysanne Portant Deux Seaux
Medium Etching
Date 1879
Printed on "D & C Blauw" laid paper, 1879. Ref: not in BN-IFF. A very fine impression, in perfect condition, before letters. It is unclear whether this plate was ever published. Rare. Henri Lerolle is one of those few men at the center of the artistic revolution in Paris in the last quarter of the 19th century. He married one of three Escudier sisters, who came from a wealthy family. Quickly he and his wife became ardent supporters of impressionist painters and of composers and musicians. Both of Lerolle's daughters married sons of Henri Rouart, who is arguably the most influential patron of the first generation of impressionists, such as Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot and Auguste Renoir. Lerolle was also a painter in his own right. However, he did not choose the radical approach to painting, which he so admired in artists such as Degas. He owned thirteen paintings by the master. While Lerolle's paintings let much light into their compositions with a palette that echoes the second generation of impressionists, he paints in a traditional style. Most of his compositions depict outdoor peasant life, reminiscent of pre-impressionists. The combination of compositions that were widely accepted by the 1870's, with colors similar to those seen in the painting of the new generation, made his paintings collectible at the time. Lerolle's etchings are extremely scarce, with the exception of one published by "L'Epreuve" in 1895. It is almost certain that he only made a handful. In these works, much as in his painting, a traditional subject is combined with a modern esthetic.
Size H 12.5 in x W 9.25 in
Price $750
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